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MATTEO BORDIGNON, MD, PhD - Research For Vitiligo

After obtaining his degree in medicine and surgery at the age of 25 years with honours, the passion for cutaneous diseases leads M.Bordignon to become a specialist in Dermatology and Venereology at University of Padua.


After 3 years of research in the field of immunopathology, Dr Bordignon achieved his PhD in Biomedicine and Immunological Sciences at University of Siena.


Author and co-author of more than 20 scientific international publications, Dr. Bordignon focused his research in the field of vitiligo, achieving a great clinical experience in the Vitiligo and Phototherapy Clinic of the Dermatology Unit of University of Padua.


After 5 years of studies, the results of Dr. Bordignon╩╝s research have been published in the Journal of Dermatological Science with the identification of new molecule that seems to be able to drive the vitiligo development.


This finding identifies for the first time a protein as the real and main factor for vitiligo (disease traditionally attributed to an immune system impairment) and opens new therapeutic possibilities for all patients suffering for vitiligo worldwide.


Dr Bordignon is actually committed to develop an effective therapy for the treatment of vitiligo based on his discovery of MIA protein, able to bring the colour back to the skin and to the soul of every vitiligo-affected patient.


Dr. Bordignon works in some of the most prestigious clinics of Northern Italy, particularly in Padua, near to Venice.


Contact: mbordignon@researchforvitiligo.com